You are currently viewing Find out how choosing the right conveyancer can impact your purchase!

Find out how choosing the right conveyancer can impact your purchase!

It feels like a dream come true when you finally find your perfect home. For many, this is where they enlist the help of a conveyancer. A conveyancer is a type of lawyer specifically qualified to carry out the conveyancing process. Conveyancing is the process of updating the legal title of a property. As with any legal work, it is important to consider your options before you choose who to instruct. The right conveyancer will ensure your transaction goes smoothly and make your dream home a reality! That is why it is essential to take the time to choose the right conveyancer for you. We believe there are some important factors to think about before you make your choice.

Technology is the answer!

As we remain amid the pandemic, more people are opting for an online conveyancing solution. While we are unable to have face-to-face meetings as easily as before, online conveyancing services do not require them. Consultations are done over the phone and documents are sent through the post. Online conveyancing solutions also come with live tracking systems, so you can get updates on your case in real-time. A technologically adept service will benefit you during this uncertain time, and keep your transaction moving forward.

An upfront quotation

A traditional high street conveyancer works at an hourly rate. This means the amount you pay is determined by how much work is involved and how long it takes them. Any unexpected developments that require more time and attention from your conveyancer will equate to a higher bill. Selecting a conveyancer that works on a fixed rate and can provide an upfront quotation, will prevent any unexpected costs. Another factor to keep in mind is that online conveyancing services have lower operating costs, which helps give you the best price.

Full customer service

While we continue to move through this unprecedented time, you might need more support than usual. A conveyancing firm with excellent customer service can help keep you at ease throughout your transaction. Try looking at online reviews to see what previous customers said about their experience. Other good indications are later opening hours or being open on weekends. These times are often more convenient for you and it is a good sign when a company recognises that. Exemplary customer service is equally important as the conveyancing work itself. It is important that the conveyancer you choose is approachable and happy to provide additional support.

How can Conveyancing Lawyers For You help?

We are an online conveyancing and survey service that unites you with expert conveyancers. Our online solution is driven by technology to connect you to a conveyancer that will facilitate a smooth transaction. Using our modern portal will provide you with live case tracking, so you always stay up to date. You will get your fixed quote upfront, so you will know exactly how much your transaction will cost. All our quotes come with a no move, no legal fee guarantee, and we also offer homebuyer’s protection insurance for added peace of mind. We are open seven days a week, with late office hours Monday to Thursday. Our customer service team will provide full support throughout your conveyancing journey.

Start the journey today!

Conveyancing Lawyers For You are ready to start working for you. Use our online estimate tool to generate a free quotation in seconds! We can help you make your dream home a reality so why wait? Get your online conveyancing quote now!

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