What is a Property Valuation Report?

A Property Valuation Report is designed for the purchaser to find out the exact value of the property they are buying. It is a great way to get an independent, expert opinion, and prevent the buyer from overpaying. This is the most basic type of home survey available, so it is important to remember that it will not pick up on any defects or structural faults that will be identified in other kinds of survey.

Remember that a Mortgage Valuation is designed to reassure the lender whether the buyer will be able to successfully make the repayments. The purpose of a this type of survey is to give the purchaser a similar peace of mind that they are paying a fair price for their new home.

A property surveyor will assess your potential new home to determine its true value. They will take into account market trends and recent sales figures to form their valuation. This will inform the buyer of whether the sum they are paying is justified or not. Without investigation, buyers risk paying too much for a property unnecessarily.

Before signing any contracts, it is a recommended practice to confirm that a homebuyer is paying a fair price to the seller. A high-quality online conveyancing service will offer surveys such as a Property Valuation Report as part of their service, to provide a complete experience for their customers.

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Property Valuation Report