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Should you choose a local conveyancing lawyer?

It is easy for an estate agent to recommend a local conveyancing lawyer. They will tell you that by using one of their approved solicitors, the process will be quicker and easier. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Too often, homebuyers and sellers alike are caught out and have no choice but to endure the longer and more complex process. Without a fixed legal fee quote, customers often face unexpected additional costs when the process gets underway.

However, there is another option. Online conveyancers are rising in popularity. With the universal convenience of the internet and the national postal service, many conveyancing processes can still be performed. Without relying on face-to-face meetings, the process can be carried out quicker. Online conveyancing solutions like Conveyancing Lawyers For You offer fixed legal fee quotations, to give you the best price no matter how long the transaction takes.

The main reason people choose a local conveyancer is the ability to deliver documents in person. But is this really a benefit? All this does is take time out of your day when there is no real need to do so. The online conveyancing process works in exactly the same way as the traditional one. The difference is that online conveyancing firms can deliver a faster turnaround at a better price!

Choose the right conveyancing lawyer:

When choosing your conveyancing lawyer, it is important to do your research. The first one you find in the search results, may not necessarily be the best one for you. Below are a few simple questions we recommend asking a conveyancer before instructing them:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is their star rating on review websites?
  • Do they offer any additional services?
  • Do they have an active online presence?
  • Are their solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority?
  • Do they only offer support during office hours?
  • Are they available on weekends?
  • Will they take a fee if your transaction falls through?
  • Are they affiliated with any other service providers?
  • Do they offer homebuyers protection insurance?

Why choose Conveyancing Lawyers For You:

Conveyancing Lawyers For You facilitate speedy and effective title transfer solutions across the United Kingdom! We offer a range of conveyancing services from purchase to transfer of equity, as well as property surveys. Contact our team today and discover the true value of our online service!

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