For many people, getting a mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial commitment of their lifetime. Repayment terms often span decades, and although the idea of stepping up the property ladder is exciting, the enormity of repaying the mortgage loan can understandably be daunting. However, it is widely considered to be quite rare to stay with the same mortgage for the whole term. This is where remortgages come in.

To put it simply, a remortgage is a process of taking out a new mortgage loan on a property you already own, with the property itself acting as security. It is common practice in the property industry, as circumstances tend to change in the years following the initial loan. As you may shop around for the price on a holiday or a car, the same practice should be applied to your mortgage. Rates change as do deals, so it is important to check now and then to see if you could be getting a better agreement.

There are many reasons why you might be considering taking out a remortgage for your home. It could be that after looking at your finances you realise that you want to take advantage of lower interest rates or get a better rate than what you are on currently. Perhaps your fixed deal is coming up to renewal and you are looking for a new agreement. If you have come into some money, through inheritance or a pay rise, maybe you are looking for the ability to make overpayments. It could even be that you are looking to borrow more money for renovation works or another large expense! Whatever the reason may be, we recommend that you do your research. Compare what is available out there and what the best option will be for your particular set of circumstances.

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