How long does conveyancing take?

It is important to remember that every property transaction is different. The length of time that the conveyancing process takes to complete cannot be predicted easily. There are many factors to consider and some may cause the process to take longer. However, moving home is exciting and we understand that buyers are keen to complete the process as quickly as possible. At Conveyancing Lawyers For You, our network aims to give our customers the best chance of a quick turnaround.

On average, the conveyancing process takes between six to eight weeks to complete. At Conveyancing Lawyers For You, we work with a dedicated network of licensed conveyancers. Our aim is to provide a smooth and fast transaction, at the best price for our customers! Our network of conveyancers work online, by telephone, and through the post. This quickens the process by cutting out the need for travelling to meet with your conveyancer.

The conveyancing process involves both legal and administrative aspects. Therefore, it is best left to professionals so it can be completed as quickly as possible. Our committed network of conveyancers works hard to ensure there are no unnecessary delays in the process. For any issues that do arise, they will endeavour to resolve them as quickly as possible. This is one of the many reasons to choose us, as your conveyancing solution.

A proven way to speed up the conveyancing process is to already have a conveyancer and fixed price quote in place before an offer is accepted. Whether you are buying or selling, this is a recommended practice. It will ensure you will be able to instruct the quote as soon as acceptance is confirmed. This gives you a head start and therefore a better chance of achieving a quick turnaround.

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How long does conveyancing take?