What is a Building Survey?

Building Surveys UK

A building survey provides a detailed evaluation of the structure of a property. They take an extensive look at the condition of a building to identify any faults or defects. Their primary focus is to establish the integrity of a building before the buyer moves in. They are one of the most thorough surveys available and are popular among purchasers.

They are often used on older properties, or those that are in poor condition. For people looking to renovate, a building survey is a great way to compile a to do list of the refurbishment works required. They can also be useful to large or unusual properties, to provide a complete picture of the property to the prospective buyer.

A building survey enables a surveyor to assess the property beyond just the visual. Defects that are easily visible to the surveyor are covered in a homebuyer report. With a building survey, surveyors can check beneath floorboards and behind walls. They can also evaluate above ceilings and inside attics to provide a full assessment. 

Once any defects or problems have been identified and recorded, the surveyor can give timescales for the repair works in addition to projected costs. They are also able to advise on how to maintain the property as well as insights to what could happen if the repair works were not undertaken. This advice can be essential in repairing the issues identified.

Following the evaluation, the buyer will be presented with an extensive report of the surveyor’s findings and insights. This is a useful way of letting a purchaser know upfront everything they need to know about their potential new home. They help homebuyers prepare for any repairs and provides them with valuable time to budget and save for the works.

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