How to choose a conveyancer

how to choose a conveyancer

Choosing the right conveyancer can save you time and money. They are essential to ensure that your property transaction goes smoothly. At Conveyancing Lawyers For You, we believe there are some crucial factors to consider to help you choose the right conveyancer.

Fixed Legal Fee

The process of moving home can be expensive, so a great way to save yourself money is by getting a fixed fee quote. This means you can find out what exactly you will be spending before you spend your money. You can avoid any extra hidden charges that may be concealed in the small print or not mentioned until a later date. If you are looking to obtain multiple quotes to compare them, be sure to always read the small print. If one quote is significantly cheaper than the others, chances are it does not include all fees.

No Completion, No Legal Fee

If your house purchase or sale unexpectedly falls through, a lot of extra costs can be incurred. An essential way to avoid the surprise of these additional charges, is to get a “no completion, no fee” guarantee on your conveyancing quotation to give you protection. This ensures you only pay for expenses incurred on your behalf, like your property searches.

Full Customer Support

Establishing a good relationship with your legal team during your property transaction is crucial. Having strong communication is key to building the rapport that will guide you through your journey. A modern conveyancing firm will usually offer online case tracking, but a complete practice will also have multiple telephone lines readily available, to answer any concerns or queries to put your mind at ease. A network that is available to you seven days a week, with out of office hours, means you will always be able to get hold of your team, both online and via telephone.

We strongly believe that following these tips will allow you to find the best conveyancer for your property transaction. Remember, you no longer need to go to your local solicitor for your conveyancing needs. Online conveyancing companies in the UK are becoming more popular with excited home buyers and sellers.

At Conveyancing Lawyers For You, we provide fixed fee quotes to every customer. All our quotes come with a “no completion, no fee” guarantee, to give you peace of mind. Our conveyancers do not charge an hourly rate, so you will know the exact fee to pay upfront. Our dedicated team of advisors are available seven days a week, until 19.30pm Monday to Thursday, to guide you through the process.