Equity Release

Equity Release UK

Equity release is a way of accessing some of the value that has accumulated in your home, whilst still living in the property. It is a consideration for people who are looking to boost their income later in life. If you are over 55 and meet certain criteria, equity release could be a viable option for you. When the money has been unlocked, you are free to spend it however you wish. Whether you are looking to undertake some home improvements, go on holiday, or help a loved one in need, the choice is yours!

Equity release works when a specialist provider grants you an upfront payment or a regular income, in an exchange for some of the value of your property. There are two ways this can be done, either using an option called a ‘lifetime mortgage’ or through the sale of a portion of your home, which is known as a ‘home reversion scheme.’ Both work on the condition that you can remain in the property as long as you want to.

Although it sounds appealing, it is important to remember that releasing the equity in your property is a major decision. It will impact the rest of your life so should never be considered lightly. Equity release does not pay the full value of your property. It will also reduce the amount of inheritance you can leave behind for your loved ones.

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