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Our tips for first-time buyers!

First-time buyers often feel a mixture of emotions. They are both excited and nervous at the thought of getting on the property ladder. Buying your first home brings what is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As you are not part of a chain, you become instantly more attractive to sellers looking for a quick sale. But that does not mean the process isn’t scary. Here, we have compiled some of our top tips to help first-time buyers navigate through the process.

Remember who estate agents work for

What many people do not realise is that estate agents do not work for buyers. Although they show you the properties and answer your questions, remember they work for the seller. Their goal is to sell the property at the highest price, so agents will be assessing you to determine if you are a good candidate for the purchase.

Do not take the asking price at face value

First-time buyers do not always realise that the asking price may not always reflect the property’s true value. It is often simply at the seller’s discretion, and it may be higher if they are looking to make more profit on the sale. Research similar properties in the local area to see what they sell for. There are some great websites out there for this, so you can avoid overpaying.

First-time buyers should research the process first

We always recommend first-time buyers research the process before they get underway. This is to avoid any surprises from additional expenses they were not expecting. Conveyancing, surveys, and searches are some that will come up but also consider removal costs and other extras. If you include them in your initial budget, you will be more likely to afford them when they do come up.

Stick to your budget

One of the best things you can do when purchasing a property is set a budget. This will ensure you get the best deal for you and that you can afford it. Researching the process to ensure you are aware of the additional costs that can crop up is key. This means you can put money aside, reducing your deposit in some cases, to cover the extras.

Instruct a conveyancer early

Conveyancers handle the changing of names on the title deeds of a property from one owner to another. You can instruct a conveyancer as soon as you decide that you want to purchase a property. You can update the property details when you have an offer accepted as having your conveyancer ready is a huge advantage. It means you will avoid an initial delay in finding one when your offer is accepted.

How can Conveyancing Lawyers For You help first-time buyers?

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