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How has online conveyancing been affected by the pandemic?

As home-movers start to see beyond the impending deadline of the stamp duty holiday, there is a buzz of positivity sweeping the market. Although we have all made changes, both personally and professionally, during the pandemic, the property market has kept moving. As traditional practices have been left behind, many have turned to modern solutions. Online conveyancing solutions are just one of the sectors that have seen significant growth, which only looks set to continue.

The property industry has adapted:

The last year has seen us make changes to our lives to help keep us all safe. The property market has been no different. With thousands of transactions underway during the pandemic, new ways of keeping the process moving had to be found. Adopting technology has been a lifeline for many, by enabling things to carry on safely. The property industry has seen video appointments and virtual viewings push transactions forward. They have become so popular many are calling for them to stay as they prevent buyers narrow down properties, before physically visiting them.

How can online conveyancing solutions help?

As prospective movers are restricted in leaving their homes, online conveyancing solutions have grown in popularity. Now more than ever, people are realising the value of these services. Without the need to have face-to-face meetings and physical exchanges of documents, more can be achieved without leaving your home. Not only is this considered a safer approach during this unprecedented time, but online solutions also have many other benefits. From faster turnarounds to lower costs and smoother transactions, it is easy to see why online conveyancing services are growing.

What does this mean for the conveyancing industry?

The pandemic has caused a lot of people to take a step back and re-evaluate how they go about their lives. Now, it is desirable to work towards your property goal without leaving your house to do so. This is where the value of online conveyancing solutions can be found. Although there will always be high street conveyancers, more people are now realising the benefits of their online counterparts. With all the property market has learnt, online solutions only look set to grow further.

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