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Can online conveyancing portals strengthen your position in your chain?

In response to the pandemic, more home-movers chose online conveyancing portals than ever before. They are known for delivering faster and smoother transactions, but also helped customers complete their conveyancing from their own homes. There are plenty of benefits to using online conveyancing portals, from a lower, fixed legal fee quotation to better communication. They can even strengthen your position in your property chain. A property chain is a term used for a group of movers that are buying and selling properties from each other. The chain starts with a buyer that does not have a property to sell and ends with a seller who is not purchasing a new one. The beginning and end of a property chain are clearly defined, but there can be any number of links in between. This is where they become complicated, as longer chains have an increased risk of instability. However, online conveyancing portals can give you a stronger position and help keep your chain together.

Online conveyancing portals can help you prepare!

Online conveyancing portals are known for helping you get prepared early. Preparation is key to getting your conveyancing moving and instructing a conveyancer quickly will help you on your way. But as the market continues to thrive, local solicitors are currently facing huge demand. With capacity largely filled, they are less likely to take on new cases and are having to turn customers away. However, one of the benefits of online conveyancing portals is that they use a panel system. This means that they have multiple conveyancing firms on their panel that they refer work to. If one firm is at capacity, chances are likely that they will have another firm to connect you to. This means you can still benefit from instructing your conveyancer early and get prepared while boosting your position in your chain.

A faster and more efficient solution

Online conveyancing portals are always looking to improve and refine the traditional conveyancing process. By utilising technology, they can remove the slow, outdated processes and introduce new faster solutions. Corresponding via online portals, phone calls and emails removes the need to make time for lengthy appointments. One of the newer solutions that online conveyancing portals have adopted is biometric identification checks. The traditional process would see a high street conveyancer take a fortnight to verify an identity based on original documents. With the biometric method, customers can provide these documents from the comfort of their own homes. What used to take two weeks of the process, can now be finished in minutes. The results are sent directly to the conveyancer, allowing the next stage of the conveyancing process to begin. Time-saving solutions delivered by online conveyancing portals will set the pace for the rest of the chain.

Better communication with online conveyancing portals

Regular updates are key to keeping property chains stable and happy. For every link in the chain, there will be another looking for an update. Communication with your conveyancer is essential in keeping the relevant parties notified. The added benefit of online conveyancing portals is that they employ dedicated in-house customer service teams for exactly this reason. They encourage their customers to go through them for updates and queries, and they will do their best to help. Not only does this provide an extra layer of support for customers but it also helps the conveyancers focus on the legal work. By utilising private direct dials and internal messaging systems, the portal can often act as a bridge for correspondence. A chain that is kept apprised of the latest developments is a happy one and therefore, more stable.

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